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The Secret of Success in Marketing and Elsewhere

The Secret of Success in Marketing and Elsewhere

November 30, 2020
Episode 116 - The Secret of Success in Marketing and Elsewhere
Empathy. It’s one thing we could all use more of if we want to be more successful in both our professional and personal lives.
Yup. Think more about others and less about yourself. It's that easy. That’s the secret to success in marketing, the field in which I earn my livelihood, in business in general and in life itself.
When you walk in someone else’s shoes, you learn a lot about how they think, feel and live. You gain an understanding of their needs and wants, their shortcomings and strengths, their wins and losses. You can relate better to them and vice versa. It is easier to establish a mutually beneficial relationship with them.
Empathy towards others – friends or family, colleagues or clients, teammates or neighbors, even complete strangers – leads to much better outcomes and many more solutions, far less division, dissension and disappointment.
Ask those around you how they are doing today. Ask them for feedback. Ask them how you can help.
This is just some of what I took away from a ridiculously awesome article I read recently written by Michael Brenner, which you can check out for yourself in its entirety here… 
A Few Words about Marketing with Chris Russo

A Few Words about Marketing with Chris Russo

November 2, 2020

Episode 115 - A Few Words about Marketing with Chris Russo

In this episode, I talk to Chris Russo, principal at Russo Strategic Partners, about marketing, social media (TikTok in particular) and much more. 

Bio: Chris Russo is a brand strategist, content creator, and partnership builder. As principal of Russo Strategic Partners, Chris specializes in helping brands elevate their online presence through engaging content, unique virtual events, and strategic partnerships. You can find Chris on LinkedIn or on his website:

A Few Words about Marketing with Amanda Baier

A Few Words about Marketing with Amanda Baier

October 28, 2020

Episode 114 - A Few Words about Marketing with Amanda Baier

In this episode, I talk to Amanda Baier, the Director of Marketing Communications for Vecna Robotics in Waltham, Massachusetts. 

About Amanda Baier

Amanda Baier is the Director of Marketing Communications for Vecna Robotics. She is responsible for corporate communications, including the internal communications, sales support, and the planning and execution of strategic industry-facing initiatives. She has previously held roles within small IT and automation startups and nonprofit organizations and thrives at the intersection of business impact and humanistic outcomes. Amanda holds a dual degree in English and Comparative Literature with a Specialization in Technical Communications and Business Writing from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.


Amanda Baier on LinkedIn:

Vecna Robotics ( on LinkedIn:

A Few Words with Robert Lee and Matt Haas

A Few Words with Robert Lee and Matt Haas

October 25, 2020

Episode 113 - A Few Words with Robert Lee and Matt Haas 

In this episode, I talk to Robert Lee, videographer, and Matt Haas, YouTube expert, about their weekly livestreaming show, #VerboseWednesdays. We also address a number of topics and issues related to marketing, social media and much more. 

About Robert Lee 

Prior to founding ShaLaLaLa, I've spent over 20+ years of experience in direct marketing for businesses, especially medical manufacture, food and the entertainment industry. My marketing background and creativity offers me a unique perspective and approach to shoots where I had produced a music documentary that has aired on several public access channels across Massachusetts and our company won Online video awards with NEDMA.

I'm fortunate that the projects have given me the opportunity to work with a diverse range of talent including Edward James Olmos, Kevin Eastman (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle creator), Paul Michael Glaser, Chris Trapper, Noam Chomsky, and Bianca de la Garza.

I have had the pleasure to be featured on ProductionHUB, AMA Boston's Talking Marketing Podcast, Live Streaming Pros, The Mobius Video Podcast and UR Business Network Podcast Program. When I'm not working on a shoot, you can easily find me passionately giving talks about video marketing or production in formal and informal settings. A firm believer in an INCLUSIVE approach, pre-production, and that the key things for your videos are knowing your audience, knowing your goals, purposes and more importantly your message.

About Matt Haas

Matt Haas is a self-proclaimed geek and a YouTube expert that can show you know to grow an audience. Matt created the "Be Awesome on YouTube" course where 32 lesions are 100% free at This course was created because Matt knows it's possible to reach a worldwide audience with consumer-level gear, passion, and great on-camera presence. Most importantly, you don't need anyone's permission! Matt streams weekly at 7pm Eastern where he shares his knowledge and answers YouTube questions from the audience.

Activate Your Audience

Activate Your Audience

October 20, 2020

Episode 112 - Activate Your Audience 

When you put on a special event, encourage everybody involved to talk about it on #SocialMedia, especially the members of your audience.

Ask them to share content about your event before, during and after it, amplifying the reach of whatever you have to say or do to an exponentially larger number of people. It’s good for you.

Not only are you getting implied endorsements from a legion of fans, you’re getting in front of spectators, viewers and listeners who might otherwise have never discovered you. It’s good for them, too.

Yes, according to an article I read recently on the American Marketing Association’s website (“Consumers Enjoy Events More When Commenting on Them” by Gabriela N. Tonietto and Alixandra Barasch, September 23, 2020, creating content about an experience unfolding in front of them actually increases audience engagement and enjoyment. It’s a win-win.

So don’t tell your audience to put down their phones. Rally them to use their phones, laptops and electronic devices to promote your event to their own respective circles.

Activate your audience to spread the word on your behalf on social media. 

A Few Words with Caroline Cooke

A Few Words with Caroline Cooke

October 5, 2020

Episode 111 - A Few Words with Caroline Cooke

In this episode, I talk to Inbound Consultant and Comic, Caroline Cooke, about her experiences in marketing, social media, comedy and more. 

About Caroline Cooke (from her LinkedIn profile)...

I'm a strategic consultant and standup comic helping HubSpot customers to Grow Better. As a storyteller, I craft creative messaging to empathetically connect with audiences through copy that's as compelling as it is clever. Professional Meets Playful. 

Try a Limited-Time Collab

Try a Limited-Time Collab

September 29, 2020

Episode 110 - Try a Limited-Time Collab

Look what McDonald's is doing with the ridiculously awesome hip hop artist, Travis Scott.

He’s sold millions of records. They’ve sold billions of burgers.

Now they’ve come up with a win-win collaboration.

They’ve gotten together to sell The Travis Scott Meal.

Because it’s available for a limited time only, there’s a sense of urgency to take advantage of this offer.

Joining forces like this also increase the likelihood that a much larger audience will take an interest.

A quarter pounder with bacon and cheese, fries and a Sprite, all with Travis Scott’s name on it?

What’s not to like?

Naming the meal after Travis makes it a more meaningful purchase, too. It’s associated with his brand. It’s not just a delicious bite to eat. It’s a great collector’s item.

You don’t have to sell burgers to try a limited-time collab like this this. Who can you get together with to increase your popularity and sales? #Marketing #Advertising #Branding #McDonalds #TravisScott

A Few Words with Jessie Coan

A Few Words with Jessie Coan

September 9, 2020

Episode 109 - A Few Words with Jessie Coan

In this episode, I talk to Jessie Coan Marketing's Jessie Coan  about marketing, social media, how business has changed during this pandemic and a whole lot more. Listen. Watch. Enjoy.  

About Jessie Coan (from her LinkedIn profile)...

I am a strategic marketer who turns strategy into action. Nothing frustrates me more than having someone build a killer strategy and then you have no idea how to execute on it. That's the opposite of what I do. When people describe me, they say over and over "Jessie gets things done. She's a problem solver, no fear, figure it out marketer." My marketing super power is I turn problems (IE not enough content, campaigns that aren't working, challenges with personalities on teams, failing go-to-market plans) into successes.

Over the past 15 years, I have had the privilege of supporting B2B organizations by building brands, developing innovative marketing strategies, and managing fully integrated marketing campaigns that generate profitable revenue. My success is attributed to partnering with cross-functional teams by developing targeted customer acquisition plans that result in the achievement of sales goals and increased customer awareness. I am passionate about building and leading high-performing marketing teams across strategy design, creative, digital, web, content, analytics/research, and communications.

When I’m not marketing, I’m spending time with my favorite girl, Nellie (you can find her on Instagram), or cooking up something tasty in the kitchen. I also love really bad movies and dad jokes. I went to Skidmore College and have a BS in Studio art. A masters from Emerson College in Integrated Marketing Communications. 

The Domino’s Homemade Film Festival

The Domino’s Homemade Film Festival

August 16, 2020

Episode 108 - The Domino's Homemade Film Festival

Free pizza for a year. Sounds good to me. What about you?

Free pizza for a year. That’s the grand prize in the Domino’s Homemade Film Festival contest.

To enter, all you need to do is submit a video of 60 seconds or less by August 21 at 3 PM ET at

Between September 7-11, people can vote for their favorite homemade films about Domino's, and on September 18, the winners will be announced with $1,560 in Domino’s gift cards going to the grand prize winner, $500 in gift cards to the second place winner and $200 in gift cards to the third place winner.

What a great idea! What a great contest!

It's a win-win campaign if ever there was one.

Domino’s is getting its fans to create their own User-Generated-Content (UGC) on behalf of the brand. And its audience is getting a chance to win free pizza.

I also applaud Domino’s for launching this contest during the pandemic. People have a little more time on their hands lately and are more inclined to enter such a contest as well as order pizza instead of going out to dinner or cooking themselves. Brands, businesses, marketers and advertisers can learn a lot from this ridiculously awesome case study.

How can YOU do something similar to help promote your own products and services? #Marketing #Branding #Dominos

A Few Words with Sally Hild

A Few Words with Sally Hild

July 29, 2020

Episode 107 - A Few Words with Sally Hild 


In this episode, I talk to Sally Hild, Nonprofit Director of The Wayside Inn Foundation, about the legendary Longfellow's Wayside Inn in Sudbury, Massachusetts, and what she and her colleagues have been doing to pivot during the coronavirus pandemic. 


About Sally Hild

Hired as the first Nonprofit Director of The Wayside Inn Foundation in October 2019, Sally Hild was brought on board to strengthen the organization’s nonprofit identity, increase community engagement, and amplify development activities. Sally is in charge of spearheading broader history programs and exhibits that support The Wayside Inn Foundation's educational mission. Sally holds a Master of Arts in Historic Preservation from Boston University’s American and New England Studies program. With extensive experience in nonprofit organization management, before joining The Wayside Inn Foundation, Sally served as Executive Director of the Sudbury Historical Society in Sudbury, Massachusetts and at the Cambridge Historical Society in Cambridge, MA. Sally also worked for 6 years in Sudbury's Office of Planning and Community Development. Having grown up in CT but with family in the Massachusetts area, trips to The Wayside Inn for family gatherings were frequent and helped to grow early on an interest in historic preservation, American and New England studies, museum management, and educational programming. She is an active community volunteer and lives in Sudbury with her husband and two sons.

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