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Purpose-Driven Branding with Katie Burkhart

Purpose-Driven Branding with Katie Burkhart

April 12, 2021

Episode 124 - Purpose-Driven Branding with Katie Burkhart

In this episode of Bob Cargill's Marketing Show, episode 124, Bob talks to Katie Burkhart about purpose-driven branding, marketing, social media and much more. 

About Katie Burkhart

Katie Burkhart is a builder, founder, and communicator. Defining matter as equal parts strategic and positively impactful, Katie started by founding Matter 7, a firm that builds purpose-driven brands. She’s also the founder of MatterPulse, which enables ambitious teams to run and grow against the double bottom line.


Katie delivers critical focus while distilling the big picture into pointed actions. She's the author of MatterLogic and has been published in The Startup, UX Collective, and Boston Content.

Follow her on LinkedIn at and subscribe to her newsletter at

What’s What in Social Media with Angela Pitter

What’s What in Social Media with Angela Pitter

March 29, 2021

Episode 123 - What's What in Social Media with Angela Pitter

In this episode of my podcast, episode 123, I talk to Angela Pitter about marketing, social media and more.

About Angela Pitter

Angela Pitter is Founder and CEO at LiveWire Collaborative, a digital marketing consultancy. LiveWire Collaborative helps business owners and executives to tap into digital marketing solutions that unleash their brand’s full potential and to use social media to connect, collaborate, and convert their target communities. Angela is a highly sought-after speaker who was previously featured on the TV series Chronicle, WCVB, and has personally trained thousands of CEOs, business owners, and consultants worldwide on their signature LinkedIn Influencer system. She is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and holds both her M.S. in Administration and B.S. in Computer Engineering from Boston University. Angela currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Newton Needham Regional Chamber of Commerce. Follow her on Twitter: @angelapitter and visit website

Talking with Helen Pinchanski about Marketing and Social Media During the Pandemic and Beyond

Talking with Helen Pinchanski about Marketing and Social Media During the Pandemic and Beyond

March 10, 2021

Episode 122Talking with Helen Pinchanski about Marketing and Social Media During the Pandemic and Beyond

In this episode, I talk to Strategy Consultant, Purpose Marketing Strategist and Digital and Customer Experience Advisor, Helen Pinchanski, about marketing and social media during the pandemic and beyond. Helen is a fellow member of the board of directors of AMA Boston, a marketing industry colleague and a good friend. She is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to her areas of expertise and a great conversationalist, as you will hear. Listen and enjoy. 

About Helen Pinchanski (From Her LinkedIn Profile)

Experienced Strategy Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services, retail and consumer/business products industries. Skilled in Strategy, Purpose Marketing, Analytical Skills, Management, Start-ups, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship. Strong consulting professional and advisor with a Master of Liberal Arts, Marketing Management focused in Branding, Social Media and Customer Experience from Harvard University.



Nobody Trusts Anybody Anymore

Nobody Trusts Anybody Anymore

February 18, 2021

Episode 121 - Nobody Trusts Anybody Anymore

Nobody trusts anybody anymore. At least that's how it seems.

I recently read a ridiculously awesome article on Heidi Cohen's blog about five marketing trends, one of which had to do with the erosion of public trust.

Unfortunately, this lack of trust can have a negative impact on the success of your marketing and sales efforts. The less people trust, the less likely they are to support brands and businesses unless they're already loyal customers.

That's where social media can help. Social media makes it possible for you to build mutually beneficial relationships with those on the receiving end of your messages.

Social media gives you the opportunity to show that you have a personality, not just a pulse.

The more people learn about you on social media, the more likely they'll be to trust you. #SocialMedia #Marketing #Branding

Being Incessant on Social Media

Being Incessant on Social Media

February 5, 2021

Episode 120 - Being Incessant on Social Media

Incessant creating. Incessant sharing. Incessant listening. Being incessant in everything you do on social media is one of the keys to success there.

In the documentary, “ZZ TOP: That Little Ol’ Band from Texas,” the band’s lead singer and guitarist, Billy Gibbons, talks about the “incessant touring” they did in the early stages of their career and how that helped them become so popular. The rest of their story, of course, is history, as they went on to become iconic, international superstars on the music scene.

As it was for these ridiculously awesome rock musicians, it is for you, me and anyone else who wants to perform successfully on social media. We have to be incessant. #SocialMedia #Marketing #Branding #ZZTop

Put on a Show

Put on a Show

January 24, 2021

Episode 119 - Put on a Show

Chris Brogan is on to something.

In an article he recently published on LinkedIn (, he said he was going to be changing his title to “Showrunner” and that he would be helping companies turn their business into a show.

Chris is perfectly suited to do just that for his clients. He's a master communicator, whether he's hosting his daily video show, The Backpack Show, keynoting a conference or writing a blog post. Imagine what he can do for your digital brand if he does just a little of what he does for himself and others already.

I concur with Chris completely.

With the emergence of #SocialMedia years ago, we said that every brand was a publisher. I say that they’re now broadcasters, too.

Whether we’re talking about independent consultants and contractors or big and small companies, creating a variety of content on a regular basis and sharing it publicly is the way to go in the new year ahead.

Every business should be employing people who are capable of communicating compellingly in front of a camera, behind a microphone and in writing.

To stand out among the clutter and compete successfully against the competition, every brand should be putting on a show in 2021.

Talking Marketing, Advertising, TikTok and DEI with Karen McFarlane

Talking Marketing, Advertising, TikTok and DEI with Karen McFarlane

December 28, 2020

Episode 118 - Talking Marketing, Advertising, TikTok and DEI with Karen McFarlane

In this episode, I talk to Karen McFarlane, founder and CMO of Kaye Media Partners and President of AMA New York - the American Marketing Association's New York chapter - about marketing, advertising and social media, specifically TikTok. We also have a great conversation about social justice and the importance of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in the workplace. 

About Karen McFarlane

With over 25 years of marketing experience, Karen brings a wealth of knowledge in strategy, revenue generation, branding, and digital marketing to organizations that want to map creativity and ingenuity to audiences that value their products or services. She help start-ups, SMBs, and enterprises generate the demand they need to grow. This includes jumpstarting the marketing function, building and training teams, and managing key marketing initiatives. From marketing strategy to marketing automation to the creation of high-impact digital content that converts, businesses rely on her expertise for strategic direction, fractional marketing, and targeted projects that are measurable, effective, and memorable.

Being Inspired and Impressed by Debbie Bean

Being Inspired and Impressed by Debbie Bean

December 8, 2020

Episode 117 - Being Inspired and Impressed by Debbie Bean

In this episode of my marketing show, I don’t talk about marketing at all.

Instead, I talk about overcoming challenges and coping with crises with a friend of mine from Franklin, the town in which I grew up, Debbie Bean.

Debbie, 66, has experienced more than her fair share of health issues, the most severe being the loss of her hands and feet due to a very serious case of streptococcemia she suffered in late 2006. She was so sick at the time that the doctors were telling her family to say goodbye to her because she was not going to make it.

Says Debbie now about that incident, “It changed my entire world. Instead of being so darned independent, I found myself dependent on everyone for everything. But every day thereafter, I’ve tried teaching myself how to do what I need done. I try to reinvent the wheel to make things work for me.”

Not only did Debbie survive that terrible scare, though, she also has beaten cancer and undergone a handful of other successful surgeries. And as if all that weren’t enough, both of Debbie’s parents’ lives were cut short tragically, her mother’s due to cancer and her father’s as a result of an auto accident.

Today, Debbie works as an administrative assistant, attends the Franklin United Methodist Church on Sundays and drives herself around town, enjoying life as a single mother of two daughters and a grandmother of four.

Her attitude is as positive and optimistic as anybody’s you’ll ever know, which makes you feel good all over just being around her. She says she can either laugh or cry, and she chooses to laugh. I say I’m sure you’ll love listening to our conversation as much as I loved having it. Get ready to be inspired and impressed by Debbie Bean.

The Secret of Success in Marketing and Elsewhere

The Secret of Success in Marketing and Elsewhere

November 30, 2020
Episode 116 - The Secret of Success in Marketing and Elsewhere
Empathy. It’s one thing we could all use more of if we want to be more successful in both our professional and personal lives.
Yup. Think more about others and less about yourself. It's that easy. That’s the secret to success in marketing, the field in which I earn my livelihood, in business in general and in life itself.
When you walk in someone else’s shoes, you learn a lot about how they think, feel and live. You gain an understanding of their needs and wants, their shortcomings and strengths, their wins and losses. You can relate better to them and vice versa. It is easier to establish a mutually beneficial relationship with them.
Empathy towards others – friends or family, colleagues or clients, teammates or neighbors, even complete strangers – leads to much better outcomes and many more solutions, far less division, dissension and disappointment.
Ask those around you how they are doing today. Ask them for feedback. Ask them how you can help.
This is just some of what I took away from a ridiculously awesome article I read recently written by Michael Brenner, which you can check out for yourself in its entirety here… 
A Few Words about Marketing with Chris Russo

A Few Words about Marketing with Chris Russo

November 2, 2020

Episode 115 - A Few Words about Marketing with Chris Russo

In this episode, I talk to Chris Russo, principal at Russo Strategic Partners, about marketing, social media (TikTok in particular) and much more. 

Bio: Chris Russo is a brand strategist, content creator, and partnership builder. As principal of Russo Strategic Partners, Chris specializes in helping brands elevate their online presence through engaging content, unique virtual events, and strategic partnerships. You can find Chris on LinkedIn or on his website:

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